Excerpt from a daily menu


Carpaccio of beef with roasted pine nuts and Parmesan cheese


Pumpkin soup with roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil from the Steiermark

Main courses

Large salad with fried shrimps and white bread


Baked carp fillet with salad of potatoes


Thai Curry with rice, roasted chicken breast and vegetables


Hunter's Schnitzel with fried brown mushrooms and dumplings of "Brezen"
(fried pork meat with dumplings of bread and mushrooms)


Crispy lemon fried chicken with thyme-vanilla butter on salad of potatoes and cucumbers


Snack of bavarian "Tappas" - a little bit of everything
(cold roast with horseradish cream, bavarian cheese mixture of Camembert, butter, ognions and spices, with pear and carpaccio of head cheese and saussage "Regensburg")


Mozart-dumplings with plum compote with spices
(dumplings filled with Mozart balls)


Dessert plate with Bavarian cream, orange sauce, chocolate cake and raspberry sorbet
(cream dessert in a glass with orange sauce and berries, cake and raspberry sorbet)

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